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They were very friendly and knowledgeable. We arrived early. They took us straight in. They had a nice waiting room with coffee and tea.
Mercy Intexas, on Google
Made appointment later in case stuck at work. Was not and they were happy to take me early
Ed Purtscher, on Google
From the first time that I walked into the New Sound Hearing Center office, I have been impressed with the friendliness of the staff and their concern to help me address my hearing loss. Molly Thrush was my hearing specialist and answered all of my questions while Pam Wallace handed all of the insurance (admin) related stuff for me. Both were quite patient with me with all of my questions and in explaining all of the options that are available to me. The hearing tests/exams were quite comprehensive. Where this really pays dividends is when it comes to their ability to program the hearing aids to exactly what the individual needs. Molly’s attention to detail was spot on. She showed me how I could “fine tune” my hearing aids (using the mobile phone app) to the environment I was in. It is really remarkable what adjustments that I can make to them which really helped me regain what I been missing from my hearing loss. The subsequent checks they do in the weeks after you get your new hearing aids was great. You can tell that they care about your hearing and want this experience to be a pleasant one. I look forward to working with then in the future for all of my hearing related needs.
Thomas Leo Swint, on Google
I had previously been sold a hearing aide by another company more interested in selling a product than getting me the right product & checking to insure the results. I cancelled that contract before it was delivered & decided to wait a couple of years. 2 yrs later my father,100 yrs old, was visiting town & need to get an adjustment on his set. Just happened to pick New Sound Hearing at Town Center as it was the closest and got Dr. Billie Swift. She took the time to understand my father's problem, fix the product, & make sure the hearing aids were working properly, all at no charge to him & on product that was not under warranty. That kind of dedication to the client, or in this case just someone needing some help, was the attitude I was looking for. Plus, the fact that she is a Doctor of Audiology, not just a trained technician, was all the motivation I needed. The audio test included the standard tone test which showed the extent of my hearing loss which wasn't that great, but didn't do a lot to convince me of the need to immediately act to solve what I perceive as an inconvenient issue. However she also performed a test with me in a sound proof room, listening to her speaking various words through my headphones, with me repeating what I thought I heard. The errors I made more than convinced me. I thoroughly recommend & unreservedly endorse Dr. Billie Swift & the folks & products of New Sound Hearing. The aide & support I have received have been first rate, & the product is comfortable & works well, even in very difficult & noisy environments. P.S. She has continued to help my dad occasionally, &recently told him that the product he already has is about the best available for his situation.
Brent A Moore, on Google

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